What we do

Diet and digestion are critically important in the management of horses, particularly performance horses.

The horse’s digestive system evolved to suit a free-grazing lifestyle far removed from the living and working conditions experienced by most horses today.

In addition, a horse’s dietary requirements can vary considerably depending on the role it is asked to fulfil and it’s individual predisposition. Achieving the optimum feeding regime can be challenging and when inappropriate feeding occurs, it can give rise to a number of significant health, welfare and performance issues. A major concern for owners, managers and trainers is digestive upset or poor fermentation (malfermentation).

THAROS™ seeks address this concern and has over four years of comprehensive research into gut health, malfermentation and the microbiome.

Malfermentation and the Gut Microbiome

A horse’s gastrointestinal tract comprises of a diverse community of millions of bacteria. Most people now recognise the importance of balancing ‘bad’ and ‘good’ bacteria in the human gut and this is important for equines too.

There are a number of equine products available that claim to address this, however THAROS™ takes this one step further.

Focusing on an area at the forefront of scientific discovery, THAROS™ is exploring the gut microbiome.

The microbiome comprises of the whole bacterial community and it’s diverse microorganisms, including the bacteria, bacteriophage, fungi, protozoa and viruses. When referring to the gut microbiome, it also mean the genomes and the interactions of the microorganisms.

As horses are hindgut fermenters, the microbiome is crucially important and is connected to diseases such as colic, colitis and laminitis. These diseases are the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in equines globally.

Through cutting-edge research and developing innovative products, THAROS™ intends to improve the understanding of the microbiome to positively influence equine gut health and welfare.

Our Progress

THAROS™ has discovered a means of promoting optimum digestion and altering the gut microbiome.

THAROS’™ products reduce the production of potentially dangerous chemicals such as acetate and lactic acid, which can lead to toxaemia and disease. This is acheived by preventing the development of hindgut acidity and by promoting the growth of a beneficial microflora.

Better digestion leads to better overall condition and as a result, better performance.

The benefits of THAROS’™ products have been demonstrated in racehorses and leisure horses alike and presents a compelling opportunity involving their care, leading to a measured improvement in horse health, condition and performance.

We continue our research in the U.K. and abroad in conjunction various institutions.


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